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School Clubs
Wonderful Wednesday Clubs

At Stow Heath Primary School, pupils access a broad and balanced curriculum during their school day. However, we want to strengthen our curriculum offer further so we have created six ‘Wonderful Wednesday’ clubs in addition to our sports clubs offer. These clubs develop life skills and support their wellbeing. Whilst we value technology and the benefits it has, we also want pupils to recognise the value and joy, other activities can bring them. Children in Years 1-6 will have the opportunity to access all clubs at some point during the academic year.

Aims and Activities

Sewing Club

Aims: Teach pupils how to use different types of stitches so that they can transfer this skill to real life contexts but also as a creative skill to support their wellbeing.

Sample of Activities:

  • Running stitch

  • Over stitch

  • Cross stitch

  • Use a variety of stitches when creating a product

Environment Club

Aims: Teach pupils about habits, planting and growing and how to look after our environment and planet.

Sample of Activities:

  • Craft bird feeders

  • Nature walk / bug hunt / creating bug houses

  • Planting flower seeds / bulbs

  • Cress pots

  • Spreading awareness posters - Looking after our planet!

  • Litter pick around school grounds

Arts and Crafts Club

Aims: Teach pupils different arts and crafts skills and develop their creativity.

Sample of Activities:

  • Think Art Attack!

Mindfulness Art Club

Aims: Teach pupils art skills that can calm, relax, and support their wellbeing.

Sample of Activities:

  • Paint by numbers

  • Take your pen for a walk

  • Colour images

  • Painting to music

  • Create images and collages using natural materials

Lego Club

Aims: Teach pupils how to follow instructions, focus and concentrate to reach an end goal.

Sample of Activities:

  • Design and build a house

  • Construct vehicles

  • Construct animals and creatures

  • Construct bridges and landmarks

  • Construct space themed creations

  • Be creative!

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