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Our Aims, Values & Mission
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Our pupils are the feature of our school that we are most proud of. Our aim is to create a happy, caring and inclusive atmosphere in which pupils and adults show consideration and respect for each other at all times.

We have identified a clear set of values that underpin expectations for behaviour for all members of our school family through our ‘Shine like a Star’ motto which is underpinned by three core values of ‘Love to Learn’, ‘Ambitious for All’ and ‘Respectful and Responsible’. This incorporates some of our core values at Stow Heath; values like respect for all, pupils’ wellbeing and building resilient learners who have the ability to recognise that self-belief and a willingness to try new things will lead to goals being achieved.

At Stow Heath, our intent is to provide a bespoke curriculum that offers exciting and meaningful learning opportunities that aims to engage and motivate all learners in a curriculum that embraces the community in which it is situated recognising local history and heritage. We pride ourselves on ensuring that all pupils engage in a broad and balanced curriculum that develops their knowledge, skills and understanding. We celebrate and welcome differences and ensure that every child is recognised as a unique individual so that we can cater their learning around their starting points as they progress through each phase of learning.

We know that in order to prepare our pupils for life in modern Britain, our pupils need a curriculum that not only   focuses on the academic but also the necessary skills to develop the whole child in   order for our pupils to become   life-long learners. Through our ‘Shine like a Star motto’ along with our three core values of ‘Love to Learn’, ‘Ambitious for All’ and ‘Respectful and Responsible’,  which is promoted throughout all curriculum areas, our aim is that when our pupils leave us to go onto their next phase of education, they leave as responsible, respectful,  who apply these skills well in a range of different contexts, ready to take an active role in their communities and becoming fully rounded citizens.   Our children leave the school with a strong sense of belonging to its community where they have the confidence and skills to make decisions, self-evaluate, make connections and become life-long learners.

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