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Careers & Enterprise

At Stow Heath Primary School, one of our core values is ‘Ambitious for All’. We recognise the important role that adults have when enabling pupils to have high aspirations about their futures. We provide pupils with a wide set of experiences that teach them about economics, the world of work and careers and how they can be ambitious when reflecting on their future dreams and goals. We challenge stereotypes (background, gender, diversity) and preconceptions.

For example:

  • In PSHE pupils learn about different careers, their salaries, and necessary skills to be successful.

  • Pupils reflect on their dream jobs and what knowledge and skill set they would need to develop and identify steps they might need to take in order to achieve this.  

  • School provides wider opportunities for pupils to learn about different careers through visits, visitors, assemblies, and virtual experiences.

  • Pupils are provided with opportunities to handle budgets. They learn the importance of saving and spending with a specific purpose in mind.

  • Pupils are asked to apply for leadership positions. For example: school council, digital ambassadors, and peer supporters stating what skills they have and why they would be the perfect candidate!

  • Pupils design, make and evaluate their products after pitching and selling to a target market. For example: Year 5 make Christmas decorations to sell at the Christmas Fayre and Year 6 Enterprise Week focuses on working within a given budget to create the most profit!

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