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'Wonderful Wednesday' After School Clubs

Wonderful Wednesday Clubs

For 2022-2023 we will be extending our after-school club curriculum offer.

School will continue to offer Soccer 2000 clubs but there will now be other clubs available.

These clubs will run throughout this year so that all year groups can attend.

There is no charge for these clubs.

If you wish your child to attend one of the AUTUMN 1 ‘Wonderful Wednesday Clubs’ then you must sign up using Pay360. You will receive a text over the next couple of days to say when Pay360 is set up.

There will be 20 spaces for each club.

Spaces will be allocated to those who sign up first.

You MUST collect your child promptly at 4.00pm.

If you take up a place, please make sure your child attends each session. If you no longer require the place, please let a member of the office team know so that the place can be offered to another child.

If your child is collected late or does not attend on two or more occasions then your child may lose their place!

Where to collect your child from at 4pm?

As there are a number of clubs now operating on Wednesdays, it is impossible for all to be collected from the main school office. If your child is attending one of the above clubs, you will need to enter school premises via the playground and make your way to the following:

Lego Club - please collect from the Year 2 entrance

Cooking Club - please collect from the dining hall

Environment Club - please collect from the Year 1 entrance

Arts & Crafts Club - please collect from the Year 4 entrance

Sewing Club - please collect from the Year 3 entrance

Mindfulness Art Club - please collect from the Year 6 entrance


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