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What is school life like now?

Good morning everyone!

It's funny how quickly things become normal and here at SHP, we have quickly settled into the new routine of staggered starts, phased playtimes and ordered lunchtimes so I thought it would be a good idea to share with you how school is running currently.

I'd also like to thank parents of returning pupils for their cooperation in ensuring that we can get children safely in and out the building at the start and end of the day. These times are busy at the best of times but it has helped that parents are following our guidance of ringing the office rather than keeping staff on the gates. So thank you: it is much appreciated.

Returning pupils have been organised into year groups and then split again according to class. In each bubble currently, there are no more than 15 pupils. Most bubbles (with the exception of key worker bubble) have no more than 10 pupils. Classrooms around school were carefully chosen so that we could adhere to the 2m social distancing rule. This is how we have set up each classroom:

On each table, pupils have their own tray (which is cleaned regularly) to house their own books for their work and their own set of stationery. Items such as coats are placed on the backs of their chairs and lunchboxes go underneath their tables. Items such as reading & library books and other resources that we would normally use are not being used at present.

During the morning sessions, all children take part in Reading, Writing and Maths activities. Staff in school plan activities linked to topics that would be taught in school if we were operating normally. Soccer 2000 come into school during the week to teach PE to each bubble and during the afternoons, pupils take part in Foundation subjects such as Music, Art, ICT and Science.

Each bubble has members of staff assigned to it which change during the course of the week. This is to ensure that, as a school, we are trying to keep staff as safe as possible as well as the pupils. It also ensures that we can keep bubbles going if a member of staff were to be taken ill for any reason. (Touch wood, fingers crossed and all that!)

During lockdown, we ran a key worker provision for parents whose roles were critical to the COVID-19 efforts. We are still running this provision albeit slightly reduced to what it has been. The group of pupils is made up of children who are in Years 2,3,4 and 5 and is currently full to capacity. Again, this group (although mixed year groups) still are taught Reading, Writing and Maths activities at a level appropriate to them and have Topic themed lessons during the afternoon to suit the range of pupils we have attending. We are one of a few schools that we know to who have kept this provision running every day to support parents now that school has reopened and we are proud of the fact that we have been able to continue this for the time being.

Playtimes are very different to what they would normally be. Each bubble has their own set of play equipment which is cleaned after use and has their own designated area which is fenced by tables and distancing tape to play in. Playtimes and lunchtimes are timetabled so that there can be no mixing with other pupils other than those in their bubbles during this time:

Lunchtimes are also staggered in the same way so that there is no mixing of groups. Each bubble has their own designated area which is cleaned before the next bubble arrives. It is very much a military operation to get everyone in and out within their 30 minute time slot but so far, it has worked to schedule. Each section has 3 tables in it so that pupils in bubbles can still maintain social distancing.

We have had a number of parents contact school this week requesting that their child return to school and we will try to accommodate as soon as we are able to. In most instances, we have been able to have pupils in the next day. Please contact school if you wish your child to return and we will be able to help you further.

Next week's home learning will be available in year group folders from Monday for those pupils who are remaining at home and in year groups that have not yet returned.

Unfortunately, it is looking almost certain that we will not be able to open school to all year groups before the summer holiday as you have probably heard by now on the news this week and of course, we will keep parents updated as soon as we hear any further information. I'd like to tell you that we hear in advance any updates but we tend to hear it at the exact same times as you do on the news!

School has received a number of calls this week asking about what will happen in September, who their child's new teacher is and will they move up to the next year? The answer is yes: all children will move up into the next year group and plans will be made to help children catch up on the learning that has been missed as a result of the lockdown. We will, of course, let you know as soon as possible what the intentions are for September – when it is expected that all children will attend school - although we don't know what that looks like, yet!

For now though, stay safe and remember to call our office if there anything you need help & support with.

Mrs Scoffham :-)