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*UPDATE* Parents Telephone Conversations

Good morning,

Due to the number of bubble closures in school and staff needing to isolate having come into contact with a positive case, we have had to change the dates of our planned telephone conversations with parents.

The new dates are as follows:

  • Nursery PM - Friday 20th November (original date)

  • Year 1 - Monday 23rd November (original date)

  • Nursery AM- Tuesday 24th November

  • Year 5 - Wednesday 25th November

  • Year 6 - Thursday 26th November

  • Year 4 - Friday 27th November

  • Reception - Monday 30th November

  • Year 2 - Tuesday 1st December

  • Year 3 - Wednesday 2nd December

The issues we as a school are facing currently are out of our control at the moment and we apologise for any inconvenience these date changes may cause.