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Saying goodbye to Year 6

Dear Year 6,

On the eve of your last day at primary school, I thought I would write you a little letter that is just for you!

It has been an absolute pleasure to be your Headteacher for the past two terms. Who knew, way back in September, that your final year at primary school would end like this! I feel gutted for you that the things we've usually arranged here at SHP have been taken away from you this year. It's hard to believe that I'm not going to be chased down the corridor to sign 60 shirts! But I'm so proud of how you have taken it all on the chin and just got on with it. Each of you has brought your own personality to our school and I look forward to hearing how you flourish as you take the next step in your lives. You all have so many different talents and interests such as writing stories, football, Maths, Art, being absolute whizzes on the computer and so many other things that I can’t list them all here. Take these skills and build on them. Have big dreams and ambitions. Don’t worry if they don’t happen, try something else. It’s easy to feel defeated at times, but view these moments as a challenge.

Positivity attracts positivity; do not be negative about things. Learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up to try again.

Be brave about meeting people and trying something you haven’t done before. Try not to only stick to friends who are like you, reach out and listen to those who have different interests and backgrounds.

As you get older, you’ll get to know yourself better. Always be true to yourself. Never try to be what you are not. Most importantly, have fun, smile and make others smile around you. We will miss you all! Say hello when you see us around!

I hope you'll look back on your time at SHP with happy memories. Wishing you all the luck in the world, Mrs Scoffham & everyone at Stow Heath Primary School