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Our plans for 'Back to School' in September

Dear Parents & Carers,

I am pleased to be able to share with you a summary of our plans for Autumn Term, following the latest Government guidance which was issued to all schools. Everyone at Stow Heath is working hard to implement this new guidance in order to ensure that all of our children can be safely welcomed back to school in September.

The main points for parents & carers are as follows:

  • School will be closed to all pupils on Tuesday 1st September so that staff can be briefed and safely walked through the new operating processes and risk assessments.

  • School has condensed period of break & lunchtimes in order to retain the same amount of teaching time and allow for staggered start and finish times to the school day to limit the foot traffic around school site.

  • Staggered break times and lunch times will ensure that year group bubbles do not mix.

  • The wearing of face masks in school is currently under consultation with the Government. School will inform parents at the start of Autumn Term once further guidance has been issued.

  • School will implement a one way pick up/drop off system around school and parents will be asked not to congregate around school gates.

  • Appointments to speak to class teachers and leaders have to be made via the school office and will be conducted by telephone for the time being. In order to minimise risk, parents/ carers are not allowed into school without prior notice.

  • All pupils must wear full school uniform when they return to school in September.

  • All classrooms have been set up so that pupils can sit in rows, facing forwards, with the exception of EYFS where carpet spots will be used.

  • Teachers to maintain social distancing at the front of each class

  • Pupils will not be allowed to bring in anything from home other than school bags which contain PE Kits, water bottles and lunchboxes. No pencil cases will be permitted.

  • No Reading books will be sent home during this time. Alternative resources to support home reading will be sent out for the time being.

  • Breakfast club & After school clubs will resume in the Autumn Term but not for the first week. More information about this will be available in September.

  • Whole school & Key Stage assemblies will not be permitted during this time.

  • Rockets+1 children who usually transition back into their mainstream class for the afternoon session will not be able to do so for the time being. All pupils must remain in the same bubble during their time in school.

  • School visits (trips) will not resume at this stage, although this will remain under review and further updates will be given as we head into Autumn Term.

  • The Government are planning a return to full primary assessments in Summer 2021 e.g. Year 1 phonics screening test, key stage 1 tests and teacher assessments, Year 4 multiplication tables check and key stage 2 tests and teacher assessment.

  • Minimise contact with anyone who is unwell and ensure that anyone with symptoms, or if anyone in their household has symptoms, does not attend school

  • Parents/ carers should inform school immediately of any test results and adhere to latest Government guidance

  • Implementation of a comprehensive track and trace system that will allow year groups or classes to swiftly close down if instructed to do so by Public Health.

  • Shielding advice will pause on 1st August for all adults and children

  • Continued regular and thorough handwashing

  • Continue with enhanced and regular cleaning regimes and promote good respiratory hygiene through the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach

As a school, we are working hard to prepare for September. However, please be advised that these are our provisional plans for ensuring a safe re-opening of school for all pupils. Please be aware that these may have to change as Government guidance evolves and we will continue to update parents throughout the holidays should the need arise.

The plans for opening are:

As we get closer to reopening, videos and images will be shared on our school website and Facebook page to show parents exactly where they need to go. In order to ensure everyone remains safe, it is really important that parents arrive at school on time for their designated drop off and pick up and do not gather in groups to chat, particularly around the gate areas as these areas are likely to be quite busy during pick up & drop points. We hope that parents will support us in practising social distancing measures where possible (on & off site)

In the meantime, we hope you remain safe and well, enjoy the summer break and I’m looking forward to welcoming everyone back into school in September.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Scoffham