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Online lessons are here!

Good morning everyone!

The Oak National Academy was launched last week to support the hard work of schools in delivering home education. They have created a bank of high-quality, sequences video lessons and activities that cover a range of subjects including English, Maths, Art and Languages.

Over the weekend, we have uploaded links to each year groups folder on the school website to the lessons for the week. There you will find an overview for the week of what children will be doing in these online lessons each day as well as a link that will take you directly to the lessons for the week. Just click the tab at the top of the website page for each day's work.

Most of the activities do not require any resources; most are videos that children can watch and then answer questions about afterwards. Some activities simply require paper - to do any working out on or to draw and write with.

The feedback from trials we did last week with our pupils in school has been positive so we hope you enjoy them too!

Keep safe everyone!

Mrs Scoffham