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New Reception

Dear Parents,

The school closures in place due to COVID-19 since March presented us with an unprecedented situation where we were unable to plan our usual induction procedure which would include school visit sessions for the children and an information meeting for parents. Please find below a summary of our plans to welcome Reception children back into school.

We know that, for some children, being out of school for such a prolonged period of time will require a settling in period in order to meet their new teachers and get used to being in a classroom environment again.

As a result of this, we will operate a ‘staggered’ intake for the first week of term in September 2020 and children will be starting school on at different times to allow for additional adult support time to make your child feel comfortable and happy during their first few days here.

For the rest of this week, we have split both Reception classes into equal groups of 15, split alphabetically by surname. Group 1 from both classes will attend during the morning session and Group 2 from both classes will attend during the afternoon. You will have received a letter informing you which session your child will attend.

The times of the day are as follows:

· If your child is in the morning session, they will attend school from 8.45am -11.45pm

· If your child is the afternoon session, they will attend school from 12.30pm-3.30pm

From Monday 7th September, it is expected that all Reception children will attend all day.

Due to current circumstances, we have had to change where Reception enter and exit the building. To enter Reception, please walk along the path to Rainbow Day Nursery where a member of staff will direct you to where you need to go next. This will then be the pick up & drop off point for the foreseeable future. The times for Reception from Monday 7th September is:

We look forward to meeting you soon!