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New Classes from September 2021

Dear Parents,

We are entering the latter stages of the Summer Term and as with everything else this academic year, it’s another end of year like no other. All of the usual events we plan here at Stow Heath to celebrate the end of another school year have not been able to happen this year.

Around this time of year, our pupils find out who their new teacher is and get to spend a day in their new classroom, hearing about all the fantastic things they will learn about from September onwards. Unfortunately, due to the restrictions school has in place due to coronavirus, this has not been able to happen.

Instead, when children return on Thursday 2nd September, those two days will be spent getting to know their new teacher and settling back into school routines.


From September, the Nursery staff will be Mrs Burns, Mrs Guest, Mrs Bartleton, Miss Lowe and Mrs Jones.


From September, Miss Prince & Miss Loffman will be in R1 and Mrs Bennett & Miss Willis will be in R2.


From September, Mrs Davies & Mrs Flavell will be in Rockets and Mrs Faulkner & Mr Burden will be in Rockets+1

Years 1 to 6

The table below explains who your child’s new teacher will be from September.

This year, as with many other years previously, school has made the decision to mix the classes within Year 4 as they move to a different phase of education. The current Year 4 (new Year 5 moving to Upper Key Stage 2) have been mixed to enable the children to have the opportunity to work with new groups of children and develop new friendships. This is also a good opportunity for children to prepare for their next phase of education as there will be 3 teachers within Year 5 from September and it is likely that children will be taught by all 3 teachers for different subjects during the day, much like how secondary schools work.