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Meet your new teacher sessions

Good afternoon everyone!

We are entering the latter stages of the Summer Term and it’s an end of year like no other we have had before. All of the usual events we plan here at Stow Heath to celebrate the end of another school year have not been able to happen this year.

Around this time of year, our pupils find out who their new teacher is and get to spend a day in their new classroom, hearing about all the fantastic things they will learn about from September onwards. Unfortunately, due to coronavirus, this has not been able to happen.

During lockdown, we safely offered provision for our critical key worker group of up to 30 pupils in the hall whilst maintaining social distancing. Then on June 2nd, we opened our doors to Nursery, Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 and we have been really pleased with how well the school has functioned in these unprecedented times.

As a result of this, we have decided to host a series of ‘Meet your new Teacher’ sessions so that all pupils have the opportunity to spend time in school with their new class teacher. These sessions will take place in the school halls where we can safely practise social distancing. There will only be one class per hall and pupils will be spaced out to ensure both their safety and the safety of the staff.

Parents will need to book their child’s place at the transition session so that we know how many children will be attending. If you would like to book a place for your child, you will need to ring the school office on the following dates to book a space:

  • Current Year 1 & 2 – Wednesday 1st July

  • Current Year 3 & 4 – Thursday 2nd July

  • Current Reception & Year 5 – Friday 3rd July

You only need to call if you want your child to attend their transition session. If we do not hear from you, we will assume that your child is not attending. If you do not ring to confirm your child's attendance, then unfortunately we will not be able to accept them should you turn up on the day as the environment will be laid out to cater for those who have booked so that we can stick to social distancing measures.

Where possible, please try to stick to the dates to book your child's place that are listed above. When you book your child’s place, you will be informed which hall your child will be in and with which teacher. Children attending will not be able to bring anything other than themselves and a water bottle to these sessions.

Pupils who are already attending school will automatically go into their transition session. End of school day times will differ for children who have been leaving school at 2.30pm. On their transition day, they will leave at 3pm.

Where we have tried to plan this opportunity, we feel this would not suit our younger pupils entering our Nursery & Reception in September due to the nature of their environment and their age. Further opportunities for stay & plays will be announced in the Autumn Term.

These sessions are voluntary. This is something that we have decided to do to help children prepare for September when it is likely we will be opening the doors to all pupils. It is your decision as parents whether you want to send your child to attend their transition session and we understand why parents may not wish their child to attend.

This year, as with many other years previously, we have made the decision to mix some of the classes within year groups as they move to a different phase of education. Classes in the current Year 2 (new Year 3 moving to lower key stage 2) and the current Year 4 (new Year 5 moving to upper key stage 2) have been mixed to enable the children to have the opportunity to work with new groups of children and develop new friendships. Staff will ensure that they try to maintain friendships and ensure that positive working relationships continue.

We are very happy to welcome a number of new members of staff to our Stow Heath family from September:

This is not how we would have liked to have ended the school year however we have tried to put together the best possible opportunity for your child to meet their new teacher given that for some pupils, it has been a long time since they have been in school and it is always one of the things that our children are keen to know!

Thank you in advance your cooperation and continued support throughout this challenging time.

Mrs Scoffham