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Our Poetry Competition Winners!

You may remember a while ago that Miss Freeman announced a Poetry competition via our Facebook Page where pupils could write about their time during lockdown.

We are pleased to announce the winners of the competition and their winning entries and we are super proud of all of you!

Ella Willis - Year 3

I will remember when all the UK went into lockdown. I was happy at times but also sad and worried about when I will see my family and my friends. I wonder when all this will end?

I will remember mom teaching my lessons at home. But she wasn’t as good as my teacher Miss Knowles!

My mom has to stay inside to keep us safe for the virus and sometimes that makes me sad. But we have lots of fun playing games and doing puzzles, but I want to see my family and that makes me mad.

We talk to our neighbours and order takeaway food and that always puts me in a good mood!

I will remember Captain Tom Moore making lots of money for the NHS who keep help the country fit and well. We clap for the NHS on a Thursday night and some people in my street ring a bell.

The prime minister Boris Johnson says we have to all stay two meters apart, but that is hard when I can’t hug my family who I love with all my heart.

I will remember everyone being positive, not negative. Rainbows were put up all over the UK in windows to show everyone that things will be ok.

We celebrate every day that this nasty virus is going away. I’ll be glad when it is gone so I can go to the park to play.

I will remember this virus in years to come, but now I will stay safe at home with mum.

Zoe Comer - Year 4

What will I remember?

This is the virus,

I wish it would go away,

I miss my family in this world of love,

I’m so sad that school is still away,

We do homeschooling all day long,

Together we can make it better.

I love spending time with my family,

We do lots of fun things,

We make cakes for our nan and grandad,

We hope that this virus goes away,

Together we will have happier days.

Jessica Robinson - Year 5

What will I remember?

In March 2020, Coronavirus had spread,

It was a deadly pandemic that left many people dead.

It started in China as not such a big deal,

But within a few months the whole world knew It was for real.

On the 23rd March, the government announced lockdown,

Which closed schools and businesses all over the town.

All of a sudden, we were no longer free,

To do the things that we do and see the people that we see.

So, this pandemic as a whole was a really big change,

Not being able to see friends and family- well it felt really strange.

The loved ones who we used to see every day,

We can now only call on FaceTime to say “Hey”.

Lockdown allows us an hour walk every day,

But we have to make sure that other people are two meters away.

The news is always sad about how many people have died,

Families who have lost loved ones are hurting inside.

Life for Key workers and the NHS can be tricky,

Including my mom, who works at Aldi, her name is Nikki.

I know her job is hard and sometimes she gets stressed,

But she’s my mom, I’m so proud and I think she’s the best.

Thing will get better now that we are over the peak,

The casualties are decreasing week after week.

It won’t be much longer until we can all be together,

And hopefully say goodbye to this virus forever.

Destiny Ingram - Year 6

At first it felt like a dream,

No school for the foreseen,

The days became weeks,

While the death toll peaks,

Families are apart now,

Many people on their own,

All family get togethers,

Have been cancelled or postponed,

Only time you see them,

Is on a screen or by phone,

We’re not allowed simple things,

Like having a picnic in the park,

It would be really hard,

Due to having to stay 2 meters apart,

So we stay at home to help our NHS,

Our doctors, ours nurses,

Well everyone I guess,

Coronavirus we’re coming for you,

We’re getting closer to a break through.

And although the days are very long,

As a country we stay strong,

Stay safe , stay home, keep smiling.

Liam Biddle - Year 6

Being in isolation

Not only just our nation

We had to stay at home

And talk on the phone

It is how we stayed connected

But at least it kept us protected

We went for a walk everyday

But at home we did try to stay

Doing schoolwork in my house

And being as quiet as a mouse

We listen to a song

And try to dance along

Baking cakes

Missing mates

Learning first aid

And this poem being made

Making a Lego plane

Which barely kept me sane

Talking to my grandad overseas

Stuck in because of this horrible disease

Making my favorite dinner

For my hungry inner

Hope it doesn’t last till December

This is what I will remember