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Happy New Tier!

Good morning,

Happy new year to all the staff, pupils and parents in our Stow Heath community.

We have been receiving a number of messages during the holiday regarding the reopening of school on Tuesday. May I remind you that we do not get any advance notice of any Government announcement: we hear the same messages at exactly the same time as you do.

As it stands currently, we will open our doors to all pupils in all year groups on Tuesday 5th January.

There have been NO changes to start & end times nor have the pick up/drop off points changed.

Wolverhampton moved into Tier 4 on Wednesday and, as seen in the news, the number of cases in the area are on the rise and so it is even more important that we all follow the measures school has had in place for a number of months now.

To help us keep everyone safe and well, we ask parents to support us with the following:

Do not mix with other households when standing on the gates at the start and end of the day. Maintain a safe distance between you and the person(s) in front of you. Tier 4 categorically states that no households should mix. We are still seeing parents queue with others not in their household who do not have children on that side of school.

If your child is displaying ANY cold or flu symptoms, please keep them at home and arrange for a test. They can return to school following a negative result.

If ANYONE in your household has a test, the whole household should isolate until the results come back. There have been cases where parents have sent children into school and then a test has come back positive and we have had to close bubbles as a result.

We urge ALL parents to wear masks on site. Wearing a mask protects others!

Please do not loiter around the gates. We are STILL experiencing parents waiting over 15 minutes for their bubble to open. If you travel by car, parents should wait in their cars until a few minutes before wherever possible.

We look forward to seeing you all on Tuesday morning.

Yours sincerely,

Mrs Scoffham