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Easter Holidays

Friday 3rd April

Dear Parents,

It has been a very busy week in school this week which is a bit of a crazy statement to write considering we only have a small amount of children in school each day. We have been taking part in sports activities thanks to Soccer 2000, completing Miss Jones’ Lego challenge, playdough making, puppet making and we even had a game of ‘hide and seek’ in school.

Today would have been the day that school closed for the Easter Holiday but we remain very much open to provide childcare provision for those that need it. There will be a rota of staff covering each day. A few parents and carers have contacted us and provided us with their requirements over the next two weeks and we have planned our staffing to suit these needs. However, can I ask that unless you have contacted us, please do not just turn up on the day - we are here if you need us and are eligible under the ‘key worker’ guidance but we just need to know.

Our school kitchen will be closed over Easter and so any children attending our childcare provision MUST bring a packed lunch with them on days they are attending.

All of our staff (when they are not in for childcare provision) will be having a much needed break and so you may not see work being uploaded to the school website but we will still continue to post activities and suggestions on our Facebook page and ‘2do’ lists on Purple Mash are still being created. There are also plenty of games on Purple Mash and activities on Oxford Reading Buddies to keep children entertained over the next two weeks.

I want to say to you all that I’m sure you’re all doing a fantastic job in these uncertain times. We’re all doing things slightly differently but that doesn’t matter as we’ve never found ourselves in these positions before. As I said in my Facebook post on Sunday, there’s enough to stress about lately without trying to create a ‘school’ timetable at home.

For now though, stay safe and remember we’re here if you need us.

Mrs Scoffham