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Dates for your diary - July 2021

Good morning,

Today marks two weeks until the end of this academic year and it's a very busy time of year so here are some reminders of plans leading up to the end of term.

School Reports

You will receive your child's school report on Friday 9th July. There will also be information included regarding how you can discuss your child's report with their teacher if parents require as school will not be able to host Open Evening as normal.

New Classes

New classes will be announced to children on Monday 12th July. Unfortunately, we are not able to hold our usual 'meet the teacher' afternoons in school due to current measures having to remain in place until the end of term. However, as school reopens to pupils on Thursday 2nd September, these two days in September will be time for settling in & getting to know their new class teachers.

What will school look like in September?

New guidance was issued to schools at 5pm yesterday evening so school will begin the process of making plans for September now. It is school's aim to inform parents of what school will be like in September as soon as possible.

Last day of school - Wednesday 21st July

As previously mentioned, school will close for the summer holiday after lunchtime on Wednesday 21st July.

To ensure that our children can leave safely and parents can continue to socially distance from others around school, we will stagger the collection times in the same way that school did at Christmas.

If your child is in Reception, Rockets, Year 2, Year 3 or Year 5, they will finish at 1.00pm.

If your child is in Year 1 or Year 4, they will finish at 1.15pm.

There will be no Afternoon Nursery on this day.

As it will be Year 6's last day at Primary School, parents will be invited to socially distance gather on the playground at 1.30pm. This will give all staff the opportunity to say goodbye to Year 6 properly. Parents can form an orderly queue by KS2 hall from around 1.20pm before proceeding onto the playground.

Thank you for your support with this.