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Congestion at pick up & drop off points

Good morning,

We have received a number of complaints regarding the pavements around school site which are becoming congested at pick up and drop off points. When planning to reopen school, we investigated every possible entrance and exit point. Unfortunately, the playground is not an option at the present time as more year group bubbles would come into contact with each other; something which government guidance issued to school strongly discourages.

May I remind our school community that we all have a duty in following government guidelines to ensure the safe return of pupils to Stow Heath. Rest assured, staff are doing a marvellous job in ensuring that pupils safety is to the highest standard whilst on site.

We all need to play our part so please ensure that you follow the advice below outside of the school premises whilst different arrangements are in place:

  • Only arrive at your designated gates just before it is due to open as this is causing unnecessary blockages to the pavements around the gates. If you can remain in your car, please do so as this will help. This does not apply to parents who are dropping off multiple children.

  • Please form an orderly queue on the pavement alongside the gated fence so that you leave plenty of room so that other members of the community can walk safely along the pavement.

  • Whilst queueing, please ensure that you keep within social distancing recommendations. It is not possible for us to police this and we ask you kindly to support us in ensuring you adhere to social distancing measures. (This is keeping your child safe)

  • Please ensure that you supervise your child whilst queueing and ensure that they remain in the queue and do not push in as the gate opens.

  • Gatherings around classroom doors are also appearing. Again I ask you to queue where possible next to the wall if needed, particularly on the Key Stage 2 side where the path is narrow. However I wish to remind you that teachers, for their own safety and yours, should not be holding conversations at this point. Any messages that need to be given should come via the office who will be happy to pass these on for you.

In addition to this, it would really help if Year 5 and Year 6 pupils could walk down on their own as this will ease congestion further. We will continue over the coming weeks to alter plans where necessary to which we will keep you well informed of.

At Stow Heath, we have always prided ourselves on listening to our parents and building good relationships. We ask at this challenging time that we continue to support each other to look after all of the children at our school.

We thank you for your continued support.