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Breakfast Club is reopening!!!

Good afternoon.

We are pleased to share with you our plans to reopen breakfast club from Monday 14th September. It will run slightly differently to our previous breakfast provision to ensure that we can adhere to correct social distancing guidelines.

  • We will need to limit the numbers to 10 children per year group. This will be reviewed over the coming weeks and we may be able to increase numbers in the future.

  • Each year group will sit together in their bubble and have their own resources to use once they have finished eating their breakfast.

  • Places will need to be booked in advance - parents should reserve their child's place for the following week. For example, places for next week's breakfast club should be reserved by this Friday at 9am. Places booked after this time may not accepted.

  • Places can be only be reserved by contacting the main school office on 01902558820. To ensure that the system is fair and accessible to all our pupils, we are not able to give priority to any child. Once the 10 places per year group are filled, we will not be able to take any more children for that year group.

  • Once we have confirmed that your child has a space reserved, you will need to head to SIMS Pay to pay for this provision. Each session is £2.50 or £10.00 for the week.

  • Breakfast club will begin at 8am. We kindly ask that if you wish your child to attend this provision that they attend from 8am. Previously, parents have been able to drop their child off at any time for breakfast club but this is not going to be possible at this time. If you require your child to attend breakfast club, they need to attend from 8am.

  • When bringing your child to breakfast club, you will need to bring them to the old Infant entrance. This is the entrance typically used when attending events in the KS1 Hall. This is to ensure that there is less congestion in school corridors.

As with every other new system in school, this will need time to settle and embed and so we may make changes to the breakfast club provision as time goes on.

Thank you for your ongoing support and co-operation at this time.

Mrs Scoffham